Callie telling everyone at the party that Arizona is dead made me lose a ton of respect for her character. What Arizona did was wrong and to say that ‘she is dead to me’ is one thing but to tell strangers that she is in fact dead and talk about a funeral that never took place is really overstepping the mark.

April’s character has grown on me so much that she’s now one of my favorite characters.

I think April and Arizona could become the new Twisted Sisters once Cristina leaves.

y r u not posting anymore ? :( :( :(
- Anonymous

It’s not the first time we’ve got this question. But basically we are all really busy with either uni or work. We’ll try to post more in the future! 

I really don’t hope they bring Teddy back for Owen - she’s not just some second choice!

As soon as Mark and Callie started sleeping together I wanted them to become friends. They were my brotp, and when I saw Callie talking to Mark at his bed side as he was dying I cried uncontrollably.

I’m so like Meredith 3 years ago. I hope i find my McDreamy but right now i’m just dark and twisty. Meredith gives me hope that i’ll survive. Thank you Shonda. You’ve given me a character i can finally relate to.
I still can’t believe that the only cool intern had to die! I knew that she somehow had to leave because of another show but the could’ve let her go home to take care of her grandma or something…
I love how they brought up old scenes and characters in the season 10 premiere. Made me happy to know they haven’t completely forgotten about the past seasons!

I am terrified that they’re going to kill of Cristina at the end of the season, that’s she’s going to be the big season finale fatality.